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John Harvey podcasts


Holland House Books have produced a series of podcasts in which John Harvey discusses his separate novels.

Part 1: PAX and The Subject of a Portrait

This podcast explores the common themes of the two novels PAX and The Subject of a Portrait.

Part 2: Coup d'Etat

This podcast explores the novel Coup d'Etat.

Part 3: The Plate Shop

This podcast explores the novel The Plate Shop.

Part 4: The Legend of Captain Space

This podcast explores the novel The Legend of Captain Space.

A snap, from the Cambridge Independent, of the author beside the Cam with his novels about him, pleased with their new look

John Harvey Revisited: a new edition from Holland House Books

John Harvey is the prize-winning author of five highly acclaimed novels and four studies of colour, clothes, and illustration. He has reviewed widely, for the Sunday Times, the London Review of Books, and many others. Unusual in their scope and variety, his novels have tackled the assetstripping that has devastated working communities; torture and resistance to a military dictatorship; family break-up in the world of road-haulage and motor-racing; a notorious love-crisis in the artworld of the Victorians. In the words of A.S. Byatt, his prose is poetic and incisive, while Anthony Thwaite described his work as ‘Tolstoyan’. Most recently he published Pax, a dual timeline novel about Rubens in London, and a fictional contemporary artist; Anita Desai said of this book that ‘'John Harvey, who is fascinated by the creative process involved in the making of art, finds the perfect subject in Rubens' painting "Peace and War" and its themes that intrigue and inspire a contemporary English artist. The result is a many-layered novel, impressively skillful and deeply absorbing.


Holland House Books is delighted to announce it is republishing all of John’s previous novels in print and digitally.


For more information and review copies, please contact:

Robert Peett, Holland House Books

01635 36527

Novels by John Harvey
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