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Like many writing types I used to draw and though I am no professional artist, when I wrote my first novel, The Plate Shop, I hoped to combine the text with illustrations (I had studied such combinations in my research on Dickens, Thackeray and their illustrators). Capriciously I reproduce some drawings and sketches done then, and some may find their way into the Holland House reissue of The Plate Shop scheduled for 2019-20.


The four collages illustrating The Subject of a Portrait were intended to reflect the shadow side of the psyche of John Ruskin (the ‘Subject’): the eight other illustrations reproduced in that book were images made by the real John Everett Millais – also a character in the novel. They show his tender humanity while the serpentine shadow-world of Ruskin’s dreams was his own.

Original Illustrations to The Plate Shop
Collage Illustrations to The Subject of a Portrait, 2015
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